Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lectures by Dr. Ochieng

The lectures that were given by Dr. Ochieng were a very good insight into the life of African culture. I loved the stories that he told because they are so much different that what I was used to hearing. They way that the people explain different situations was incredible. The story about the monkey and the shark is my favorite from the ones that he told. The stories that they make up are so intricate and detailed just enough to catch your attention. The way that the monkey was sly enough to trick the shark into thinking that his heart was back at the tree is very creative and different from traditional fairy tales. By this I mean that the structure is more like an actual story unlike something that feels written down. The way that the story flows just feels more cultural to that region because of how important telling stories are. This presentation really enriched my knowledge of fairy tales from Africa. I can also apply this in my Performance and Culture class as we are learning about Africa too. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture that was given by Dr. Ochieng. He style of delivering really caught my attention and held it throughout the entire presentation. I would like to thank Dr. Ochieng for the great class. 

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