Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Definition of Fairytales and Folktales to me.

Fairytales and folktales are stories that have been passed down for many years by word of mouth. This is what makes these stories so popular since they were created. People can tell stories because they have heard them so many times. The fact that people do not know who created these stories is why they are fairytales. These stories that we have been told since we were just children have so many deep meanings and lessons behind them that it affects all levels of our conscious. With our conscious that tells us what we can and cannot do. We than have preconscious where we know if we can or cannot do something but think of doing it anyway. It goes to our super ego and ego which affect how we view things. After those it enters our unconscious where no matter what happens you can do what you want. For example this would be considered our dreams and in our dreams anything we want to happen is possible.

Fairytales all have an archetype, which is the original form of it. This refers to the historical, ritual, or psychological concepts. This is a universal pattern for all stories. If we look at the psychological concepts of fairytales we can see how these stories may change the view of younger kids. No kid wants to be the villain unless they are truly evil themselves. When kids see the hero get rewarded it should trigger in their mind that they also want to be like the hero and not the villain. These stories are teaching kids how they should be in the real world. It teaches them lessons that they can apply to real life. This is why some times kids want us to read them the same story over and over so they can reconnect it to what happened to them today. If they don’t do that then when they sleep their unconscious will help them understand it by what they have heard in the story.

Fairytales are a great way to bring people together for a good story or to help a younger sibling fall asleep before school. It is something that has been in every culture around the world for many years. This is a style of literature that will never die in my eyes because of the sentimental connection to them. This is why I love fairytales and the majority of people who read fairytales. This is what a fairytale and folktale mean to me.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blog Entry 1

There are many reasons that I chose this class. One reason that I chose this class is that I have always wanted to learn the deeper meaning behind folktales. Not only does it complete some of my McDaniel plan but it is also a very interesting class. It reminds me of times when my mother would tell me stories when I was younger. It lets me look deeper into what they really me. This stories that we have been told mold and shape who we are even if we don't think so. What I hope to accomplish in this class is to be able to read folktales and other stories and be able to see the true meaning of it.

My favorite folktale of all time would be Hansel and Gretel by The Grimm Brothers. One of the main reasons that I have a connection to this story is I feel every kid can relate. I have been lost in the woods so I have a connection that way as well. Kids relate because they try to remain innocent but there are outside evils that force them to change. It is a classic story and the majority of people have heard this story this is why it is one of my favorite folktales.